The Mexican Hairless Dog is a rare, (almost) hairless breed of dog which can be quite variable in size. It’s also known as Xoloitzcuintli or Xoloitzcuintle (the initial x is pronounced as sh), Tepeizeuintli or Mexican Hairless. Owners of this dog call them “xolos” for short. The breed ranges in size from about 10 pounds (4 kg) to 50 pounds (20 kg), with an average body temperature of 40 °C. Similar in appearance to a Pharaoh Hound, with a sleek body, almond-shaped eyes, large bat-like ears, and a long antelope neck, the Xolo is notable for its dominant trait of hairlessness.  It is not unknown for the hairless variety of xolo to have several teeth missing.  There is also a “coated” Xolo that has a very short coat of hair.  They can come in a variety of colours and combinations.

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